Multimedia CD/DVD Presentaion

Whether it is presenting you at conference, exhibition and seminar. Let Ensure come to your rescue! You simply tell us a broad concept and we will create an identity with lasting impressions. Ensure specializes in multimedia flash, 'CD presentations' (multimedia presentation development) complete with music and voice-over’s. We also develop CD business cards that keep you up with ongoing trends and technologies.

We believe that every company must have Multimedia Presentation for their Product & Services now a days. Cause Marketing through presentation will be the most reliable & also a cheapest direct marketing, compare to other marketing methods, like newspaper ads & TV commercials. Also your client can explore your detail in depth, as he wish, on any PC or Projector with a small handy CD.


  • :: It can store presentation, Biz card information can be printed on its surface.
  • :: Holds 28 Mb to 700 MB presentation data
  • :: Pop-up Menus, H&V Scrolls of Text/Images
  • :: Flash Animation
  • :: Dynamic screen resolutions